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Welcome. I'm Kharissa.

Just a Moment is a newsletter that allows us to set aside our roles, responsibilities, and labels that sometimes (if we're not careful) stifle us from fully and freely being ourselves. ​My readers are typically people who recognize that self-care is just as crucial as staying hydrated and minding your own business. It's for people who understand that you can't pour from an empty cup, so keeping it full is a must. If that sounds like you, welcome.

When you start thinking about self-care as part of who you are instead of as something that you do, that's when the glow-up happens.


Seen and Heard

From publications to podcasts, media outlets throughout my hometown of Kansas City have featured stories on my luxury self-care brand, Grace & Grind. It's humbling and I'm grateful. Take a look.

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About Me

The question, "What are you passionate about?" always makes me smirk. By literal definition, the word "passion" comes from the Latin root pati-, which means "suffering." So, when we talk about our passions, we're talking about those things that feel so good they hurt. (Oooh, intense!) 

My passions are writing and self-care. What I do as a writer in the health and wellness industry is the vibrational residue, the echo, of who I am. From my upbringing to my career to my own experiences as a wife and mom, self-care seems to be the central theme of my life. 

I've seen way too many women put their well-being on the back burner in the name of career ambitions, cultural traditions, religious rhetoric, and other pressures from society at large — and men are making unnecessary sacrifices, too. In a world where they're made to believe their worth is inextricably linked to their paycheck, which often deters them from going after their true dreams and goals, it's no wonder why they statistically die younger and earlier than women. If we want to live longer, more rewarding lives, we have to start by rewriting the narratives that have scripted toxic anecdotes about self-care.

As a writer, certified health coach, and someone who's admittedly a little woo-woo, my passion is to equip people with the tools necessary for creating healthy, holistic, and fulfilling lives. By intermingling scientific studies with philosophical concepts and sprinkling just a little spirituality on top, I aim to empower people to take back the reigns of their life.


Self-Care Soundtracks

Featured on Spotify, each playlist is designed to cater to your vibe. Some are curated for chill, work, study, and sleep. Others are made for times when you clean, cook, play, or dance. Enjoy.

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